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A nationally recognized speech and debate summer camp for middle school and high school students.

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Students from across the country can experience our camp, hosted by champion coaches and expert lecturers. Our overnight Scholars Camp is a transformative week for our students as they learn alongside our bright resident instructors. Our curriculum is designed to empower students to develop their voice while learning from our diverse and committed faculty. 


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Academic Achievement

Multiple cross-national studies show that students engaged in speech and debate on average earn higher grades, perform better on standardized tests, and are preferred candidates among college admissions counselors. 

Friends & Community

Students create lasting friendships as speech and debate partners and competitors, in an environment that promotes teamwork, curiosity, and collaboration. 

Life Skills

We guide students to think critically from multiple lenses. Students engage in research to write well-crafted arguments, and learn to defend both sides of a topic. 



Commuter Camp | 9AM to 5PM


Commuter Camp | 9AM to 5PM


7-Nights | Open to 13+ years old


Fall and Spring Programs | Hybrid Club Teams


Richmond Debate Institute (RDI) fosters critical thinking and public speaking through competitive speech and debate. Our community of state champion coaches, PhD lecturers, and resident counselors make our camp an enriching and memorable summer experience. We are dedicated to making speech and debate an inclusive community, where students can make life long friends and express their curiosity.


My son absolutely loved the camp and the instructors! The evening instruction was invaluable.  He said getting to pick the brains of all the extremely smart instructors was wonderful, enjoyable and so helpful!  He loved your camp! Thank you!

- Parent, 2023

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