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Virginia's largest speech and debate organization

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Richmond Debate Institute  is a nationally recognized speech and debate summer camp program for middle and high school students. Our community of seasoned coaches, PhD lecturers, and resident assistants make our camp a lively and engaging summer experience. We are dedicated to making our camps an inclusive community, where students can make life long friends and express their curiosity.



Accesible Pricing

We believe that every student can benefit from speech and debate education, and RDI has a place for students of all financial backgrounds. We offer affordable prices and financial aid to students that attend public schools. 

High Quality Instruction

Speech and debate has the power to transform a student's academic trajectory; by introducing students to important life skills such as civil disagreement, proper research, and public speaking, students are prepared for any career choice. 

Our lecturers, coaches, and resident counselors are hand picked to promote a culture of curiosity and inclusivity. Students love discussing with our staff and consistently vote them as the best feature of our camp. 

Life Changing Skill

Fun camp experiences

Our camp is a fun and memorable week for our students, where they have the chance to make friends with students from across the country and participate in our games, discussions, and group activities. 

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