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Critical Thinking & Learning

Our camps focus on understanding content critically, pushing students to question and articulate the premises and impacts of arguments. That's why on average, a high school debater scores 44% better on critical thinking assessments (EdCom Institute, 2011), and why debaters on average score 25% better on reading and writing assessments (Journal of Adolescence, 2010).


College Admission 

Speech & Debate is among the top two most favored activities among college recruiters, according to a Yale University study (Dr. Minh A. Luong).


According to the Wall Street Journal, high school debaters with a state or national award are 30% more likely to be admitted to a top-tier university. 

Social & Fun

Our students leave at the end of our workshops with new friends who they expect to see at weekend tournaments, or the for the following summer camp. Our personable instructors, team lunches, and student activities make camp a fun experience for everyone. 

Questions? Email us!

Feel free to email us your questions at


We will reply to you within a few days. 

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