A high school debater with a state or national prize is 30% more likely to attend a top-tier university. 

- Wall Street Journal  

Richmond Debate Institute, Online!

How do debaters win? They prepare! 

This summer, our goal is to teach students how to use their laptops as debate tools. Richmond Debate Online will teach students the skills of online research, case compilation, and debate preparation. 

Our camps will be held online, on ​July 27th to July 31st. 



Our Camps

Our camps are 5 days long, 6 hours a day, from July 27th to July 31st. Registration will begin on May 11th. 

Middle School Camp:     


Extemporaneous Speech Camp:     


Intro Debate Camp (Debate 101):


Congress Camp:     


Varsity PF Camp:   


Varsity LD Camp:   




Our Instructors

Visit Our Team page to see more about our PhD lecturers and nationally renowned instructors. We are proud to have some of the brightest debate minds in Virginia teaching at our camp. 



What to expect?

Upon registering, students should expect a package in the mail to arrive a week before the camp begins. This package will include a note-packet full of Richmond Debate material and directions on how to log-in to camp. 

Students will log in at 10:00 am daily where they will be placed in team activities and participate in debate lectures. At 2:00 pm students will be dismissed for their two-hour break, and are invited to log back on at 4:00 pm for practice debates, guest speaker interviews, educational videos, and more. 


Questions? Email us!

Feel free to email us your questions at rvadebate@gmail.com.


We will reply to you within a few days. 

Richmond Debate Institute 


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