Our middle school speech and debate league is free for all students and hosted completely online. Invitation emails will be sent upon registering. 

With the support of The Richmond Forum, SPEAK RVA, and our high school mentors, we are launching Richmond's first ever Middle School Speech & Debate League. 

Our program will begin on Sunday January 24th, and will end on Sunday, March 28st. 

Registration ends on Friday, January 22th. 



Our curriculum guides, trains, and motivates middle school students to excel in Speech & Debate. We teach important skills such as: 

  • Research & Evidence Quality 

  • Cross-Examination

  • Argument and Case Construction
  • Civil Discussion


Our experienced instructors and high school mentors help facilitate our Sunday workshops, guide students through lessons, judge practice rounds, and most importantly create a virtual community around the activity. 



Our community of high school and middle school students create an environment of sharing, questioning, and mentorship. We motivate students to express and exchange ideas, while being challenged by our instructors. Our students will have the opportunity to: 

  • Socialize on Workplace.

  • Brainstorm with mentors and instructors.

  • Compete with other students across the city.

Our program is specifically tailored to create an environment that is familial and friendly. Students love their learning experience, and become passionate about learning. 




They were awesome! I loved ALL of them. In my opinion, I think all 3 of them should keep working there. Their kind yet humorous comments made my day, and I loved their enhancing discussions that helped us learn more. Keep it up Anna, Varun, and Owen! :)

MS Student, Falll 2020

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