High School Summer Camps

Camp Schedule

Our week long camps begin at 9:00am and end at 4:00pm, and will be hosted at the VCU School of Business on Monday, August 10th to Friday, August 14th. Our camp also provides lunch daily. 

Debate Camp Classic

Our high school debate camp is perfect for students with a year or less of debate experience. Students learn the fundamentals of debate, how to research and build cases, how to properly refute an opposing argument, and how to analyze impacts. Our debate camp focuses on: 

  • Formatting cases and arguments 

  • Learning to Flow debate  

  • Analyzing arguments' impacts with Impact Calculus 

  • Researching and citing information

  • Lots of practice! 

Public Forum Debate Camp

Our Public Forum Camp is for those with more than a year of debate experience who want to excel in Public Forum debate. Our PF camp uses distinguished debate instructors to push students to present more sophisticated arguments, be more efficient with their responses, and learn the skills to drive them to state and national success. Students should expect to have lots of practice rounds. 

Lincoln Douglas Debate Camp

Our Lincoln Douglas camp is for those with over a year of experience who want to excel in LD debate. Our camp uses distinguished debate instructors to teach the technicalities of Framework, Value, Value Criterion, flowing, theory, and more. Students should expect to have lots of practice rounds. 

Congress Debate Camp

Our Congress debate camp is for students who want to develop their public speaking and debate skills, tailored for congressional debate. Our camp will help students give persuasive and well research speeches, how to be a strong presiding officer, and how to have constructive clash in round. This is camp is perfect for students with any range of debate experience. 

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Speech Camp

This summer, Virginia Debate Academy is hosting a Speech Camp with a focus on Interpretation events. This includes any Forensic students that participate in Dramatic Interpretation, Humorous Interpretation, and Duo Interpretation. Our speech camp will be taught by instructors with theater and forensics background to help students succeed in Forensics interpretation events. 

Image by Vadim Fomenok

Our registration opens Monday, April 6th! We will be posting any additional updates on our Facebook page. 

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